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PhD & Habilitation

PhD and Habilitation Supervisions and Mentorings

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Tatjana Juliana Shannon Schnellinger (Co-Supervision, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway): Kiss-Teeth and Cut Eye in Impolite Discourse Contexts: A Comparison of Ghanaian and Afro-Surinamese Co-speech Gestures and Pragmatic Markers in Multilingual Interactions.

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Dr. Jocelyne Kenne Kenne (JF BIGSAS): Language and Interaction in the Chinese Community in Cameroon: a Sociolinguistic Profile

.Dr. Mokhoele-Aron Hala-Hala (Co-Supervision, University of Bloemfontain, South Africa, completed 2020): The Sociolinguistics of Lesotho English in the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Dr. Eniola Boluwaduro (PhD Programme Cultural Encounters, completed 2018, now at Redeemer’s University, Osun State, Nigeria): (Non)Adherence in Doctor/Patient Interactions in Nigerian HIV Clinics.

Dr. Umar Ahmed (JF BIGSAS, completed 2018, now at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Nigeria): Gender in Media Discourse: The Discursive Construction of Gender in Nigerian Newspapers.

Dr. Sofia Rüdiger (Chair English Linguistics, completed 2017, now postdoctoral researcher in English Linguistics, University of Bayreuth): Characterizing the Spoken Korean English Repertoire: Morpho-Syntactic Patterns of Korean(ized) English.

Dr. Billian Khalayi Otundo (JF BIGSAS, completed 2015, now at Moi University Eldoret, Kenya):Exploring Ethnically Marked Varieties of Kenyan English: Intonation and Associated Attitudes.

Hector Kamdem (JF BIGSAS, completed 2015): The Basic Narrative of National Unity and Peace in Cameroonian Political Speeches: A Discourse Analytical Perspective.

Dr. Daria Dayter (Chair English Linguistics, completed 2014, now associate professor in English Linguistics, Tampere University, Finland): Self-Disclosure Online. Pragmatic Repertoire of a Microblogging Community.

Dr. Irina Turner (JF BIGSAS, completed 2013, now postdoctoral researcher in African Studies, University of Bayreuth): The Businification of Politics: Media Discourse in South Africa.

Dr. Kelen Ernesta Fonyuy (PhD Programme Cultural Encounters, completed 2011, now at University of Bamenda, Cameroon): Ethnolects of Cameroon English: Pronunciation, Education, and Evolution.

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Laure Peem (JF BIGSAS, 2012): Traduire des Textes sur le VIH et le SIDA en Basaa: Cas des Affiches et des Dépliants.

Dr. Baba Mai Bello (JF BIGSAS, 2012): The Perception of HIV/AIDS among Students in Northeastern Nigeria.

Dr. Simon Nganga (JF BIGSAS, 2014): Funeral Performances in Kenya: A Contribution to Communicative Genre Analysis.

Dr. Liliane Ngawa (JF BIGSAS, 2017): La vente des produits de santé dans les cars interurbains au Cameroun: Une analyse interactionnelle.

Dr. Uchenna Oyali (JF BIGSAS, 2018): Bible Translation and Language Elaboration. The Igbo Experience.

Habilitation Mentorings - CurrentHide

Dr. Billian Khalayi Otundo (Cluster of Excellence Africa Multiple): Multilingual Learning Spaces: Translanguaging Practices in Kenyan Schools

Dr. Sofia Rüdiger (Chair English Linguistics): Historical Perspectives on the Speech Act of Indirect Complaint – Indirect Complaint Realization, Strategies, and Responses

Dr. Jude Ssempuuma (Chair English Linguistics): Code-switching and Translanguaging in Classroom: Their Implication in Teaching and Learning of English in Elementary, High and Advanced Schools in Saxony, Germany

Habilitation Mentorings - CompletedHide

PD Dr. Irina Turner (Chair African Linguistics, 2022): En­(l)abe(l)ling isi­Xhosa – De­colonization and Digitalization of a Language at the University.

PD Dr. Eric Anchimbe (Chair English Linguistics, 2015): Offers and Refusals. A Postcolonial Pragmatics Perspective.

PD Dr. Martin Weißer (Chair English Linguistics, 2011): Annotating Dialogue Corpora Semi-Automatically: a Corpus-Linguistic Approach to Pragmatics.

PD Dr. Sabine Kläger (Chair Romance Linguistics, 2010): Diskursmarker. Eine Studie zum gesprochenen Französisch in Burkina Faso.

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