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Research focus

I. Sociolinguistics, Creole Studies, Varieties of English

Mair, Christian, Susanne Mühleisen & Eva Ulrike Pirker, eds. 2015. Selling the Caribbean: Questions of Value in a Globalized World. Zeitschrift für Anglitik und Amerikanistik (Special Issue 63 (2). 2image-2017-01-10

Mühleisen Susanne & Don E. Walicek, eds. 2009. Linguistic Explorations of Gender and Sexuality. Sargasso - Journal of Caribbean Literature, Language and Culture (Special Issue 2008/09 I) Sargasso
Mühleisen, Susanne. 2002. Creole Discourse: Exploring Prestige Formation and Change across Caribbean English-lexicon Creoles. (CLL 24). Amsterdam & Philadelphia: Benjamins. Creole Discourse

II. Pragmatics, Intercultural Communication

Mühleisen, Susanne & Bettina Migge, eds. 2005. Politeness and Face in Caribbean Creoles. (Varieties of English Around the World G34). Amsterdam & Philadelphia: Benjamins. Politeness Creoles

III. English Word-Formation and Corpus Linguistics

Mühleisen, Susanne. 2010. Heterogeneity in Word-formation Patterns: a Corpus-based Analysis of Suffixation with -ee and its Productivity in English. (Studies in Language Companion Series 118). Amsterdam & Philadelphia: Benjamins. heterogeneity

IV. Language and Literature

Matzke, Christine & Susanne Mühleisen, eds. 2006. Postcolonial Postmortems: Crime Fiction from a Transcultural Perspective. (IVAFL 102) Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi. Postcolonial Postmortems
Mühleisen, Susanne. ed. 2005. Creole Languages in Creole Literatures. Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages (Special Issue) 20 (1) J. Pidgin and Creole LG

V. Textlinguistics and CMC

Dayter, Daria & Susanne Mühleisen, eds. 2016._Personal Narrative Online.
Open Linguistic: Topical Issue on Personal Narrative Online (special issue) 2 (1).

VI. Postcolonial Translation

VII. Language and Cultural Studies

Mühleisen, Susanne, ed. 2017. Contested Communities. Communication, Narration Imagination. (Cross/Cultures 190, ASNEL Papers 21). Amsterdam: Brill/Rodopi.


Contested Communities

Döring, Tobias, Markus Heide & Susanne Mühleisen, eds. 2003. Eating Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Food. Critical Interventions in Cultural Studies. Heidelberg: Winter.

Eating Culture

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