Talking about Food: Local & Global Contexts

April 27 - 28, 2018, University of Bayreuth



Eric Anchimbe (Bayreuth) + Markus Bieswanger (Bayreuth) + Karin Birkner (Bayreuth) + Stefan Diemer & Marie-Louise Brunner (University of Applied Sciences in Birkenfeld) + Delia Chiaro (Bologna) + Jana Declercq (Ghent) + Martina Drescher (Bayreuth) + Cornelia Gerhardt (Saarland University) + Theresa Heyd (Greifswald) + Jakob Leimgruber (Basel) + Gwynne Mapes (Bern) + Susanne Mühleisen (Bayreuth) + Adrian Roßner (Bayreuth) + Sofia Rüdiger (Bayreuth) + Britta Schneider (FU Berlin)


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The consumption of food and drink is inherently connected to key issues of culture, society, and identity as well as prescriptive notions of rituals and rules. It is not surprising then, to find a pronounced academic and public interest in foodways. The latter is evidenced, for example, in the plethora of non-fiction food-related publications. Recent developments, such as the copious posting of food pictures on social media sites as well as so-called eating shows (both phenomena sometimes referred to as ‘food porn’) underline the fascination and public engagement with food.
In order to foster more focused research and provide a platform for scholars in the area of language and food, the “Talking about Food: Local & Global Contexts” conference brings together linguists working on diverse languages and from different theoretical backgrounds.

Scholars from a range of linguistic disciplines and working on a variety of languages will address topics such as:

- food discourse(s) in regional contexts
- language, food, and globalization
- talking about food on social media
- mediated food discourse in general
- the relationship between food, language, and identity

Conference Organizers: Prof. Dr. Susanne Mühleisen & Dr. Sofia Rüdiger

Conference Funding by Fritz Thyssen Stiftung


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