Personal Narrative Online

26 - 27 June, University of Bayreuth

room S120 (GW I)


The linguistic interest in personal narrative has intensified with the spread of computer-mediated communication. Social media in particular have been cited as primary sites for the narrative construction of self that open new possibilities for creative and selective self-presentation through stories of personal experience. Short life reports and small stories have risen to prominence in personal websites, social status updates, blogging posts, and finally, the telegraphic microblogs whose explicit purpose is to provide immediate updates on “what’s going on”. Recently, more and more studies tackle the questions of motivation, function, and performance of storytelling online.

This conference aims to bring together scholars interested in linguistic structures of a narrative. By inviting the contributions from scholars who work in different theoretical strands, we hope to achieve a synthesis of findings across linguistic fields. Our goal is to illustrate the variety of possible interpretive lenses through which narrative can be viewed, to advocate interdisciplinarity, and to foster connections among scholars whose research frames are different but complementary.


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